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A Complete Technical and Networking Solutions, all under one roof

"C+Desk is free web based ticketing software to manage all types of service requests, not only to the IT department but to any department of any location in the organization. So this application does not only work as IT Helpdesk Application but as a Complete Help desk or service desk for your organization. Truly multi location application which supports centralized management as well as decentralized management of services. C+Desk works as an Internal service request management software as well as Customer Support Management software. So you can call it as a complete ticketing tool. Other Modules and features like Asset management, Notice board, Projects and tasks, Log Book, Surveys and polls, Expense Management, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Events, Personal Calendar etc. makes it a complete Intranet solution.

Service Request Management has been designed to support for all departments and for multiple locations. Service Request Routing fastens the process of resolving issues. Manual assignment of service request is also possible in case there are too many resources handling the same category of service request. So both auto routing of tickets and manual assignment is possible with C+Desk that too category wise. There are many other features which you can go through the features page."

Does C+Desk prioritize seamless communication within organizations?

One of the primary goals of C+Desk is to achieve flawless communication within organizations.By providing a centralized platform, C+Desk ensures that departments can easily connect and interact with each other, promoting effective information sharing and coordination.

C+Desk provide a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just IT-related matters?

C+Desk effectively cater to the needs of different departments within organizations of any size?

C+Desk is designed to be a versatile helpdesk solution that can adapt to the requirements of various departments, regardless of the organization's size.

C+Desk simplify the process of raising requests and tracking them for employees?

C+Desk streamlines the request management process by providing a user-friendly interface that allows employees to easily raise requests, track their progress, and receive updates.

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