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What is a helpdesk ?

Most of the people consider helpdesk just as a tool for IT management or administration. But, is it really true..? Is Ticketing tool helpful only for IT staff..? There is a great misconception on this topic .  

For Example even Administration department needs a ticketing tool. Even Quality Department needs to publish documents for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). Human Resource department needs a ticketing tool so users can raise their concerns , Even HR department needs to publish different forms needed by users... Etc . Basically each department needs so that they can help users to perform their day to day activities, and can take help from others too.


If we look at from a complete organisation perspective.   is a tool which helps every employee in the organisation for multiple reasons. 

For Example..

1. Helps to  communicate with every department. (ticketing tool which works for every department)

2. Get information on all standards work procedure that company follows.()

3. Social Interaction with everyone.

4. Manage individual tasks.

5. Helps to communicate with Customers.

6. Helps to communicate with Vendors

And many other....


In short should be a tool that helps each employee in the organisation to perform their day to day activities, a help that makes their life easier at work. a help that provides enough information on things they should know. A tool that provides social interaction between employees. 

Why Implementation fails in most of the organisations ..?

Today most of the  Implementation fails as end users do not login to raise a ticket or a request. So it ends up having a dedicated person dumping the data in the  software. Which means that most of the reports generated by are all manipulated, or are dependant on that dedicated person for reports. So becomes a curse in most of the organisations.

Why Users do not login to to raise a ticket or a request..?

Answer to this question is very simple.
1. He has to login to software only to raise ticket or request and has no other work in the software, So for him it is easier to make a phone request or just put one liner mail ,rather than login to the software.
2. he does not remember the URL and the login information since it is of his least interest.

What should be done to make  a success in an organisation...?

All you need to do is ensure that the is not only a tool for IT .. Instead users should be able to login request to any department and for any kind of help that a user is looking at. Portal should be as good as a portal so that user can socially interact with other employees.
Some basic features that a successful Portal should have. This will ensure that users are well engaged in the work atmosphere.
1. . ( with SLA and Escalation for all departments). This should also allow to link tickets to other tickets to other department to ensure team work and collaboration.
2. . ( Or Document Management to store commonly required files)
3. .
4. Discussion forum.
5. and photo Gallary.
6. Tasks and .
7. .  ( To ensure good communication between employees and customer. )
6. Vendor Service Management ( To forward requests to vendors for outsourced services.)
7. Log books.
8. Other General Features like ,Chat., People Search, , Notice Board, Support for single Sign on.
9. Surveys and polls.

Reason to write this article. 

By Profession I am not a Content Writter. I am an IT Engineer and I run a business in India. We provide complete IT services and our Specialisation is in Network , Securities and communication. http://www.ctns.info  is my companies website.
I have been searching for a good  and an portal for my customers.. I have gone through thousands of blogs from different authors. And I have personally deployed and tested many application. I realised that most of the BLOGS written today are like News Channels, They show only what they are told to, or what they are paid for.. But there are software's and solutions available at zero cost which they never highlight. So I decided to write this Blog to help companies find the solution that really works and is truly free.
After going through a long search I could not find a solution and hence decided to develop a software which will truly help companies grow by improving the internal communication with the employees and external communication with customers and vendors.  C+Desk:- A Complete Solution. Truly Free solution for unlimited employees / technicians , customers and vendors.


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Hope this article helps you find the solutions you are looking at..