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History Of C+Desk

History of C+Desk

             Since 2001 CTNS has strived & is now one of the most recommended service providers of IT services and solutions to customers,not only in Pc's but also in network (LAN, WAN, MAN, VPN, Etc.), Servers, Securities, Surveillance, Messaging, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Voice Solutions (VOIP) Etc... Since then we 've also been observing the way most of the organizations function and the flaws that cause delay in their efforts to grow.

             We started C+Desk with this vision few years back in 2012, with bunch of some customers who were large but pretty helpless when it came to point to addressing it employees concerns / grievances, reducing the communication gap between departments, being well managed & enhance customer experiences that would lead to long term business relationships. Realizing that even large corporates lacked a platform for their employees and customers, or even if they had some, it was incapable of addressing all the issues mentioned .To add to the list, some were even troublesome in their usage . Users even had to maintain different login credentials for numerous applications they had. Some customers had some small applications working individually (Like leave management, customer care Etc.) and employees had to maintain a personal diary to remember how each one is to be accessed with their credentials. To come up with a one stop resolution to all the above mentioned issues - we planned, designed & created - Helpdesk. The original name given to the application was “One Desk”, which was later renamed by our management to “C+Desk” keeping in mind the vision we had for the application (Company’s Help Desk). Our very first deployment was for a customer who had an old HTML based intranet application, updated in FrontPage every time, which had sections for downloading the templates and forms required for daily use and some news articles, which was highly incompatible with new browsers. When we deployed C+Desk for them, their response was very good as we provided them more functions than their old intranet. It had photo gallery where they could publish their event photos. It had Knowledgebase where they uploaded documents of daily use & were maintainable in organized manner. It even has a notice board to publish news and events with proper permissions. Most importantly, it addressed one of the biggest concerns of all times, i.e; Service Requests Management to route all queries may it be internal - within the organisation & even external - from Clients to right desk within the organization. Since then, C+Desk has always & even got better to a great extent with custom modules developed & added as per client requirements.

             We made log book (E-Logs) and replaced their physical log registers. We created Task management where a reporting manager can assign tasks to his subordinates or tasks created by subordinates can be monitored by his reporting manager. We made customer care to bring in customer complaints to the customer care division. Since the customers were multi located it helped us in making the application in such a fashion that it would work in centralized management and decentralized management both. We also got very good support from the management of all customers as the application has even got better with respective department's feedback. To add to this, management could even remotely monitor the activities happening at each location.

             Further with time passing by, we saw that lots of customers use Google forms for their internal surveys and polls and for customer feedbacks. So we decided to have proper road map for this project. To your surprise, we've also added the same in C+Desk to better facilitate in surveys & polls . Basically, it includes all kinds of forms management including customer feedbacks . These forms can even be further linked with respective service requests & log book. C+Desk has now achieved a considerable importance & is running successfully with our customers .Hence we decided to have this available to others also. The management of our organization decided to keep it completely free so that it does not seem to be an additional overhead for the customers.” A complete helpdesk and a free helpdesk.”. Now the road map contains lots of work for a lifetime. Since new modules are added to the roadmap depending on the customers suggestions and requirements. We also maintain customized version as per customizations done for the customer. The Current roadmap includes Approval management system, Forms management, Time zone Globalization. And much more.