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Project Road Map

Maintenance Schedule and Calibration ( Asset Management )

This consists of maintenance schedule of assets if any asset type requires. It also includes customizable parameters of maintenance so that records can be kept on what maintenance has been done on each asset. It will also consists of maintenance reports of all assets. Also some assets that requires regular calibrations can be scheduled with customizable parameter for each type of asset, with reports.

Collaborative Messaging and Groupware Solution..

Integrated webmail with contacts, calendar and sharing information with in the organization.

Approval Management System

Some service requests needs approval from the manager or the approving authority. This module will help in taking approvals for specific service request. For example a travel request for work will need an approval. A purchase request for some items will need an approval.. This module shall integrate with service request management , so that before someone works on resolving a service request , an approval is taken from the right authority for the same..

For Example :-
A travel request is made by an employee, so before the travel desk makes the arrangement for the travel the request is first send to the approving authority and then forwarded to the travel desk to make the arrangements.

A purchase for some item is made, so before a service request is resolved by the purchase department an approval will be taken from the right authority.

Similarly a Change required to be made in servers has to first go to the approving authority and after the approval the change can be made.

Process Management

Process management shall include monitoring of process. Like production process , quality process etc. when each process started and ended , what were the parameters recorded during the process etc.

For example a production process. So during the production each batch that goes through multiple process can be monitored like when each process started and ended , under which process is each batch currently into and its parameters can be recorded for quality purpose. For each process the parameters will be customized definition. Once the process master is prepared, it is ready to take data of batches. So process management will be able exactly tell you which batch, at what location is in which process and which batch is completed and what were the parameters recorded during each process of that batch. So all work that happens in process can be managed and monitored live via this module.


A simple but yet a most powerful tool to manage to-do’s of each task or service requests or for an individual. So each individual can maintain their to-do’s to ensure that they are not leaving any work pending. Also a to-do created against a task becomes a shared to-do for people involved in that task. And a to-do created against a service request is shared to-do between all users responsible to resolve that service request. Further to-do’s can be extended to be connected with log books ,events etc..